FUJITSU SRV TX2550M7 PRIMERGY Xeon Silver 4410Y 12C 2.0GHz 32GB(1Rx4) 8x2.5" bez HDD 900W TOWER IRMC eLCM

Kód: ED1160269
Značka: Fujitsu
49 936 Kč / KS 41 269,42 Kč bez DPH
Skladem (5 KS)
Možnosti doručení
Provedení serveru:Tower; Maximální počet procesorů:2; Řada procesorů:Intel 12 Core Xeon; Model procesoru:Intel Xeon 4410Y; Velikost paměti RAM (GB):32; Maximální paměťová kapacita serveru (GB):3072; Maximální počet slotů PCIe:2; Maximální počet HDD v serveru:8; RAID:1, 10; Redundantní větráčky; Redundantní zdroj:Volitelně

Detailní informace

Detailní popis produktu

1 x VFY:T2557SC040IN PY TX2550 M7 T 8X2.5 /ERP LOT9/
1 x PYBETL17 ErP Lot9 configuration No1
1 x PYBCP66XG Intel Xeon Silver 4410Y 12C 2.0 GHz
1 x PYBMMD2 Independent Mode Installation
1 x PYBME32SL2 32GB (1x32GB) 1Rx4 DDR5-4800 R ECC
1 x S26361-F1452-E140 Region-kit Europe
1 x PYBRMC44 iRMC advanced pack
1 x PYBLCM14 iRMCS6 eLCM Activation License preloaded
1 x PYBDMP06 Power Supply Cover
1 x PYBPU901 Modular PSU 900W titanium hp
1 x T26139-Y3850-E10 No powercord as order option
1 x PYBTPM14 TPM 2.0 Module V1

2-socket tower server Fujitsu PRIMERGY TX2550 M7


1x Intel Xeon Silver 4410Y, 12Core, 2.0 GHz

1x 32GB 1Rx4 DDR5-4800 Reg ECC paměťový modul

1x hot-plug napájecí zdroj 900W titanium

8x pozice pro 2,5“ hot-plug disk

Rozšíření vzdálené správy iRMC advanced pack (přesměrování KVM a vzdálené připojení médií)


TPM 2.0 Modul

Záruka 3 roky onsite



- 1x RJ45 LAN port pro vzdálenou správu iRMC

- 2x RJ45 LAN port

- 1x VGA

- 4x USB 3.1


- 2x USB 3.1


- 2x USB 3.1

- 2x M.2 SATA

- SATA řadič pro 8x SATA HDD nebo SSD, SW-RAID 0, 1, 10


- 8x paměťový slot s CPU1

- další 8x paměťový slot s CPU2

- 3x PCIe Gen5 slot s CPU1

- další 3x PCIe Gen5 slot s CPU2

- pomocí riserů lze rozšířit až na 10x PCIe Gen5 slot

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Power packed performance across workloads
Highly expandable and flexible design
Designed to be upgrade ready and efficient
Server and infrastructure management at your fingertips

The enhanced dual-socket calculator and high bandwidth DDR5 processor help to improve efficiency and increase performance while reducing power consumption. The TX2550 M7 is capable of handling a range of different tasks at the highest level: demanding industrial and analytical applications, business processes and enterprise applications, and virtualised workloads.

Storage suitable for securely managing extremely large datasets and flexible enough to be matched to a range of storage centric requirements such as IT infrastructure or collaboration workloads. Drives and RAID controllers can be tailored to specific business needs and budgets. Powerful and cost-effective networking options are available depending on your business need and budget.

Versatile PCIe slots offer flexible expandability for the integration of existing and new storage controllers, networking cards, or the benefits of graphic cards. Add capabilities per your business needs. Graphics card improves performance for graphic intensive apps; get more from your display infrastructure. The server is designed for quiet operation and offers best-in-class reliability and energy efficiency with up to 96% efficiency and dual power supplies. The rack upgrade kit allows you to invest in a system designed for scalability to match your business growth.

The onboard iRMC S6, is optimized for both data centers and SMEs who can rely on the latest generation server management. With ISM centralize the data center management as well as power and cooling by using a single user interface. Improve the whole data center productivity with converged infrastructure management. M.2 devices are perfect for hassle-free hypervisor /operating system start-up, while TPM 2.0 provides ease of mind for administrators with the latest hardware and Software driven security features.

Kód produktu: ED1160269
Part no.: VFY:T2557SC040IN
EAN: 4065221929314

Doplňkové parametry

Kategorie: Servery
Maximální počet HDD v serveru: 8
Maximální počet procesorů: 2
Provedení serveru: Tower
RAID: 1, 10
Redundantní větráčky: Ano
Redundantní zdroj: Volitelně
Řada procesorů: Intel 12 Core Xeon
Model procesoru: Intel Xeon 4410Y
Velikost paměti RAM (GB): 32
Maximální paměťová kapacita serveru (GB): 3072
Maximální počet slotů PCIe: 2
Dodavatel: eD system a.s.