HPE PL DL380g10 4210R (2.4G/10C/14M) 1x32G MR416i-p/4Gssb 8SFF BC 1x800W 4x1G366FLR EIR+CMA NBD333 2U*

Kód: ED1577619
58 991 Kč / KS 48 752,89 Kč bez DPH
Skladem (2 KS)
Možnosti doručení
Provedení serveru:Rack; Počet instalovaných procesorů:1; Maximální počet procesorů:2; Řada procesorů:Intel 10 Core Xeon; Velikost paměti RAM:32 GB; Maximální paměťová kapacita serveru (v GB):512; Technologie serverového řadiče:SAS+SATA+SATA SSD; RAID:1, 5, 10; Maximální počet HDD v serveru:24; Hot-plug cage pro HDD:2.5" SFF; Velikost L2 cache:14 MB

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HPE PL DL380g10 4210R (2.4G/10C/14M) 1x32G MR416i-p/4Gssb 8SFF 1x800W 4x1G366FLR EIR+CMA NBD333 2U

SKU Number


Model Name

HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 4210R 2.4GHz 10-core 1P 32GB-R MR416i-a 8SFF BC 800W PS Server


8SFF Chassis (868703-B21)


4210R (10 core, 2.4GHz, 100W)

Number of Processors

One with standard heatsink


32 GB RDIMM 2R 2933 MT/s (1x 32GB)

Network Controller

Embedded 4 x 1GbE Ethernet Adapter

Storage Controller

Broadcom MegaRAID MR416i-p 4GB and Smart Storage Battery

Hard Drive

None Included

Internal Storage

8 SFF Chassis (upgradeable to 24 SFF front + 2SFF rear)

PCIe Slots

3-slots (x8, x16, x8 with dual m.2) as standard; upgradeable to 8-slots in a 2 cpu configuration

Power Supply

1x HPE 800W Flex Slot Platinum Hot Plug Low Halogen Power Supply Kit


4 - Standard


HPE iLO Standard with Intelligent Provisioning (embedded), HPE OneView Standard (requires download); HPE iLO Advanced, HPE iLO Advanced Premium Security Edition and HPE OneView Advanced (require licenses)

Rail Kit

SFF Easy Install Rail Kit; cable management arm

Energy Star

Energy Star 3.0

Form Factor

2U Rack


3-year parts, 3-year labor, 3-year onsite support with next business day response.

A camera icon in this column next to a part number indicates that a diagram or photograph is available showing that part. Click on the icon to retrieve the diagram or photo. Add to Cart Click to Buy Part Number Part Description Most Used CSR Tech Courier RoHS
744116-001 Cable management arm kit - Guides the power and interface cables to prevent binding when the server is slid in and out of the rack - Mounts to the rear of the rack A -N/A- COMPLY_1906
878643-001 96 W Smart Storage Battery - One battery pack provides Flash Back Write Cache (FBWC) for all the drive controllers in the server - Connects to the system I/O board, 145 mm (5.7-inch) long cable ; A -N/A- COMPLY_2012
P10794-001 Cable, Jumper cord C13/C14 India 2.0 m Blank A -N/A- COMPLY_2106
Cable Kit
733665-B21 Cable arm kit - 2U Gen9 -N/A- -N/A- COMPLY_2106
P17303-001 HPE MR416i-p x16 Lanes 4GB Cache NVMe/SAS 12G Gen10 Plus Controller B -N/A- -N/A-
670033-001 Hard drive blank (cover) - To fill empty Small Form Factor (SFF) drive bays - for Gen8 servers B -N/A- COMPLY_5012
775423-001 DL560/DL360 Gen9 blank cover kit - Contains power supply blank cover, Flexible LOM blank cover, fan slot blank, and Heat Sink blank A -N/A- COMPLY_1906
875069-001 Miscellaneous blanks kit front A -N/A- COMPLY_2106
P39777-001 SPS-PCA, 8SFF SAS/SATA BP B -N/A- -N/A-
Fan (Product)
Heat Sink
875070-001 Standard heat sink ; N -N/A- COMPLY_5012
Memory (DIMM)
P06189-001 HPE 32GB (1x32GB) Dual Rank x4 DDR4-2933 CAS-21-21-21 Registered Smart memory kit A -N/A- COMPLY_2106
Power Cord Please click here for important information regarding the differences between Power Cords, Power Modules, and AC Adapters.
142258-003 AC Power Distribution Unit (PDU) power cord (Black) - 250 V, 16 AWG, 3 m (9.8 ft) long - Has C14 (M) connector to C13 (F) connector A -N/A- COMPLY_2012
416151-B21 Power Distribution Unit (PDU) power cord -N/A- -N/A- COMPLY_2106
Power Module Please click here for important information regarding the differences between Power Cords, Power Modules, and AC Adapters.
P39385-001 SPS-PS GNRC 1U 12V 800W HTPLG HE-P B -N/A- -N/A-
P15973-B21 HPE ZGen10 4210R -N/A- -N/A- COMPLY_5012
P19246-001 Intel Xeon-Silver 4210R v4 Ten-Core 64-bit processor - 2.4 GHz (100 Watt thermal design power (TDP)) N -N/A- COMPLY_5012
654961-B21 HPE Small Form Factor (SFF) Hard Disk Drive (HDD) common blank Gen8 -N/A- -N/A- COMPLY_2106
870025-B21 HPE Z Gen10 Std H/S Assy -N/A- -N/A- COMPLY_5012
873874-B21 HPE Z SFF HDD Bay GEN10 Blank -N/A- -N/A- COMPLY_2106
873875-B21 HPE Z Pwr Supply Gen10 Blank -N/A- -N/A- COMPLY_5012
873876-B21 HPE Z Gen10 Fan Blank -N/A- -N/A- COMPLY_5012
875236-B21 HPE Z 96W Megacell Battery 145mm Cable -N/A- -N/A- COMPLY_2106
P00925-B21 HPE Z32GB 2Rx4 PC4-2933Y-R Smart Kit -N/A- -N/A- COMPLY_2106
P10380-D61 HPE Z C13-C14 IN 250V 2m Blk Jumper Cord -N/A- -N/A- COMPLY_5012
Rack Mount Kit
744114-001 Easy install rack mount slide rail kit - For 2U high Small Form Factor (SFF) model servers A -N/A-

Doplňkové parametry

Kategorie: Servery
Hot-plug cage pro HDD: 2.5" SFF
Maximální paměťová kapacita serveru (v GB): 512
Maximální počet HDD v serveru: 24
Maximální počet procesorů: 2
Počet instalovaných procesorů: 1
Počet slotů PCIe: 6 a více
Provedení serveru: Rack
RAID: 1, 5, 10
Redundantní větráčky: Ano
Redundantní zdroj: Volitelně
Technologie serverového řadiče: SAS+SATA+SATA SSD
Velikost L2 cache: 14 MB
Výška serveru: 2U
Řada procesorů: Intel 10 Core Xeon
Velikost paměti RAM: 32 GB
Dodavatel: eD system a.s.