Kodak EKTAR H35 Film Camera Sage

Kód: ED1894448
Značka: Kodak
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Typ fotoaparátu:Digitální kompakty

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EKTAR H35 Film Camera Sage

Half the frame, double the fun - the new classic.

  • Film-saving You can have twice as many images per roll. For example, a film roll with 36 exposures can yield around 72 half-frame photos - doubled!

  • Lightweight and Easy-to-use The pocket-size camera is light and tiny, and hence convenient for you to bring along daily. Since its instructions are simple, it is suitable for all analog hobbyists.

  • Built-in Flash Turning on the flash by adjusting the silver ring around the lens so that you can use Kodak Ektar H35 during days and nights, outdoor and indoor.

  • Four colours Black, brown, sage and sand. Neat and natural.

Technické specifikace

Velikost filmu: 135
Typ filmu: Negativ

Kód produktu: ED1894448
Part no.: RK0103
EAN: 4897116930248

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Kategorie: Digitální fotoaparáty
Typ fotoaparátu: Digitální kompakty
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